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Hair Today Gone Tomorrow…

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Daisy & Wild Photography

Hair accessories are everywhere like them or loathe them. This ultra feminine look isn’t just for little girls, it’s for us older women too. We have seen the slow trickle of this trend come through over the past year with the likes of…

The Scrunchie

The retro hair scrunchie. Most commonly worn around the wrist of most teenage girls in school in the 1980’s. Obviously I remember this the first time round, if you’re not too familiar this can be seen with the Topshop scrunchie in Shop The Look below. It’s a trend that keeps on giving, decade after decade…

Head scarfs and pony tail scarfs

One of my favourite looks, so chic just think of the glamour of the French Rivera back in the day. I have recently bought some ponytail scarfs (as shown above) as it’s a really quick way for me to make my usual mum outfit more interesting. Also, I’d like to point out being extremely practical having your hair up with a little one around!

Hair Clips/Pins/Bobby Clips

There is one for everyone whatever your style/look. Chanel and Dior have had their stunning hair clips in pearls and crystals on the catwalk recently. Stunning prices too, but ohhh they are so beautiful, definitely on my wish list. For the more realistic options you will find them all over the high street, think H&M, Topshop, Accessorize to name but a few. Style with one hair clip or add a few as seen below.


Let’s talk about the headband. Now this hair piece is something I have worn from an early age or should I say made to wear. Pretty bows and headbands for school was a staple for my mother getting me ready as a child. I wasn’t completely dressed unless I was wearing one of them. Now as a forty something woman I find my love affair with them back in full bloom. There are so many beautiful ones out there whether they are silk, velvet or embellished. Anthropologie has some gorgeous headbands ranging from £20-£30+ with some currently in the sale.


Bows I adore, whether it’s on a shirt or on a shoe you will find many items in my wardrobe, so you’ll definitely find them in my hair! Spruce up a ponytail with a simple piece of a ribbon in a bow or by the latest bow hair pieces as seen on the catwalks. I even use a piece of Chanel ribbon in my hair from time to time, why not? After all it’s a Chanel ribbon ladies!

This Spring you will find so many options for hair accessories on the high street so you can all give it a try. I favour more the bow and scarf look as my hair tends to be up most days with having a little one but there is a style out there for you all so give it a whirl ladies.

Happy shopping x



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