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The Path to Fitness

Exercise and Me

Well I’m not sure about you but exercise doesn’t come easily to me. Fitness is something I love I really do (she says whole heartedly). But I do need a rocket up my backside to go and do it. Once I get there and do it, I love it. Furthermore when I get into it that’s it I am 100% committed.

A few years ago when having a break from trying to get pregnant I decided to try hot yoga. I really loved the thought of yoga and it was what I needed mentally whilst I was dealing with a lot of grief. I found myself hooked. It was a life of very little drinking, no takeaways because I wanted to live clean and getting up early to get to a 7am class in town. I was totally committed and loved it. I also had abs at this time, I don’t think I’d ever seen abs before then!

After I decided to try for a baby again I stopped doing hot yoga just incase, I was extremely cautious at this time as you can imagine. Going into a room over 100+ degrees I didn’t think would be a good idea but I really missed it. No other exercise really took its place after that. I would swim regularly but found it a bit dull.

Downward dog

So a few years on and my little miracle eventually happens and I have my beautiful baby boy. During my pregnancy I didn’t exercise just some pregnancy yoga once a week. I was so lucky to find a local class in the village. This was so enjoyable and looked forward to it each week, oh how I had missed those downward dogs but now with a bump! Managed to do most classes until my last month as carpal tunnel kicked in, but that’s another article!

The wonderful group of ladies I met during my pregnancy were from an NCT group. May I just add here I am a token member as I couldn’t actually get onto the NCT course as I’d left it too late. Busy working and getting a house ready for the baby. Can you believe it, what was I thinking?! However I digress… I had met two of these lovely ladies who would end up being my life support in the early days from my time at pregnancy yoga.

Positivity shines through

Pregnancy yoga is a must do. Each week you can take stock, relax and get to meet other ladies going through the same as you. All on a new and exciting journey together. Our teacher Bec was amazing and ended up being a lovely new friend. It’s funny I actually remember my phone call to her to book onto the course. Feeling really nervous about calling, feeling like I was tempting fate again. I had booked onto a pregnancy yoga class a few years prior and then miscarried.

As you can imagine I didn’t want the same thing to happen again. My conversation with Bec I’ll always remember, she was just so lovely and warm to me. Chatting away she said “I have a really good feeling about this”. I didn’t know her, this was the first time I had spoken to her, but that positivity and warmth from a complete stranger was what I needed.

The NCT crowd

With my lovely group of ladies and all our babies now safely in the world one of our mummies suggested we started an exercise group. Our friend Dee pre-pregnancy would train with a personal trainer each week and always be in the gym. Dee thought it would be a great idea to see if her PT and the tennis club she was a member of would be interested in getting a group of hormonal woman back into shape!

They agreed to give it a go and Buggy Squad was formed! As I had had an elective C section with my baby I had to wait a couple of months until the doctor gave me the all clear. So in March 2018, 9 new mama’s all met at Wolverhampton Lawn Tennis & Squash Club and our fitness journey began.

So the journey begins

I remember that first day thinking how on earth am I going to get on I am so unfit I haven’t exercised properly in years. Also I was quite worried I’d do something to my insides. Probably telling myself it was a bad idea. Well its just as well I don’t listen to myself sometimes! A year on and it’s been one of the best things to come out of this motherhood ride of mine (apart from Rufus of course!).

For over a year us mama’s have all trained together. Unfortunately some dropped off after a few weeks, some went back to work and another mummy moved away but 5 of us are going strong on the fitness front! Even during that scorcher of a summer we had last year, you would find us mama’s and babies on the lawn of the tennis club doing our exercise much to the amusement of some!

Our PT Paul Fothergill who runs System Energise gym at WLTSC is quite frankly a saint. How he has put up with our motley crew for over a year is anybodies guess. Each week we have been able to take our babies with us and have them in a safe place where we can exercise. It has been a game changer. Knowing that you can have that hour to do something for you is so precious.

I’m not sure I have the time

Funnily enough I can remember saying to one of the other mummy’s that I wasn’t sure I would have the time to do it, how foolish of me! At one point Buggy Squad was meeting up twice a week in the summer before some of the girls left. All of us enjoying seeing our babies together, our little gang growing up. Comparing stories of our sleepless nights, nappy horrors and general new mum tales. Ou PT Paul having to train us and listen to this time and time again…

We even made it into the local newspaper with our Buggy Squad, our claim to fame! Marc Hughes The Club Manager of WLTSC has been so welcoming to us all and the staff letting us and our little munchkins come along every Monday. Causing chaos in the corridors, stopping by to see the ladies in reception for a quick hello!


Never did I ever imagine that I would have that support system, that weekly routine of exercise to get me back on track if I’d had a few bad nights with Rufus. I feel really lucky to have had this during my maternity leave. I lost the baby weight and also lost the weight I wanted to loose pre baby. But most importantly I got fit. I’m getting fit. As a 39 year old woman my goal was to be fit in my 40’s and would you believe it it took having a baby to be in the best shape I’ve ever been in. Love it and so much so now that I train with my friend Dee on other days at WLTSC or we head off for a run with our babies.

I urge any of you that maybe reading this if you are pregnant, find a yoga class, buggy fit class or get together with other mummies and hire a PT. It has really helped physically and mentally as a new mum and all our babies love getting together with all their little buddies each week.


If you are local here are the contact details for:

Spiritual Warrior Yoga
Tel: 07890 543 508

System Energize
Wolverhampton Lawn Tennis & Squash Club
Tel: 01902 755 265


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