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Summer Weddings…Oh What To Wear


As soon as that invite hits the floor you start panicking about what to wear for the next few months until it’s the day of the wedding. Anyone would think it was your special day!

Do you go high street and then run the risk of seeing a few more guests possible sporting the same dress as you. What do you do?

I recently had my assistant at work ask me about what to wear for a wedding. As a younger twenty something she didn’t want to go to dressy wearing something tight and looking like she was going on a night out. Or on the other hand dressing too frumpy like an older lady mmm… I didn’t ask at this point what she meant by older lady?!

So it got me thinking what are the options out there for us on the high street and online. I’ve done a little roundup of some beautiful summer options that should hopefully help in your quest for the perfect summer wedding look.

Weddings in this day and age have fewer rules as couples are more relaxed and progressive than years before. However, as a wedding guest you still have to be respectful to the couple and for the type of wedding you are attending.

Here are a few fashion Do’s and Dont’s…

DON’T wear white or anything like white! Try a neutral colour instead.

DON’T underdress. It’s is better to be overdressed than undressed. No sportswear!

DO cover your shoulders if the ceremony is taking place in a venue where a more modest dress code is required. A shawl/pashmina is a great accessory for such times.

DO try alternatives. If you wish to wear trousers rather than a dress or skirt try a jumpsuit or a really smart co-ordinated suit.

DON’T wear denim. Far too casual for a wedding and you probably wear this most days/weeks. Try a different material, like linen or cotton in a cornflower blue.

DON’T wear items bearing too much flesh. This isn’t a night out this is someone’s special day so leave the daring outfits for another day. If you want something a little different try a stylish outfit with a cutout instead.

And lastly…

DON’T go against the dress code. If the bride and groom have specified a certain dress code then its best to respect their wishes.

So without further a DO… here are a few options.

The Jumpsuit

A great alternative to wearing a top/skirt or dress. A jumpsuit is one of those hero pieces a girl should own in her wardrobe and a wonderful alternative for a wedding guest outfit. I have listed some pretty options below that I have seen online. Some are even in the sale with a heavy discount like the gorgeous Temperley London light blue jumpsuit. Lots of pretty florals, ruffles, pastels, ruffles and sequins thrown in for good measure!


I must admit I always seem to go for a dress for a summer wedding. The last wedding I went to I opted for a dreamy Needle & Thread dress and felt fabulous in it. As a new mum I don’t get dressed up very often so its nice to once in a while to make a real effort. Here are some stunning options at various prices to suit your budget.


Well as we know the general rule is women wear dresses and men wear a suit to the wedding but hey if there are no dress code requirements then its open! Why not try a beautiful statement skirt with a simple top for something different. Or perhaps a matching two-piece, Self Portrait have some stunning pieces this season. For the ultra feminine, a tulle skirt is girly and fun and if its good enough for Carrie in Sex and the City its good enough for us! Check out Needle & Thread for some pretty options. There are some beautiful skirts currently available below that could be a great alternative for a summer wedding.

The Suit

If I haven’t opted for a dress then my go to is a suit. This season we are spoilt for choice with suit options in soft pastel hues. You only need to go on Instagram and see all the influencers hitting the high street with the latest offerings or being gifted some amazing two pieces. Some great places to try are Karen Millen, Zara, Mango to name but a few. Here are a few pastel options that would look lovely with heels and a little cami top underneath.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and hopefully given you some ideas if you have an event to go to. If you would prefer to see full outfits let me know and I will do these for you. You’re feedback is always welcomed my lovelies.

Fi x

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