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The Humble Hair Clip Does High Fashion


Last week a good friend of mine asked me about hair clips, so it was only the right thing to do this week and give you and her my pick of the best.

To be honest there are thousands out there, it’s very hard to pick! However, I have done a selection and as always selected various price ranges. The usual suspects such as Mango, Topshop, Zara, &otherstories, ASOS, Accessorize and H&M are a fab place to look.

I bought a pack of pearl hair clips (as seen on my instagram) from Amazon. As I wasn’t sure if this trend really suited me I didn’t want to spend a lot at first so I bought a pack of pearl clips in various shapes. My thinking was that I wouldn’t be too bothered if I didn’t wear them again, as they were fairly cheap. If this is you then head to Amazon or ASOS, there are lots on there to choose from.

If hair clips are not your thing there are lots of alternatives with head scarfs, head bands and the good old scrunchie – yes it’s back! Check out my article (Hair Today Gone Tomorrow…) in Fashion and you’ll see some options for you.

Happy shopping x


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2 responses to “The Humble Hair Clip Does High Fashion”

  1. Avatar Nicky Onions says:

    Just love those bee’s, very tempted..

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