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My New Beauty Pie Skincare Routine

beauty pie products

Insta Favourite Beauty Pie

After much deliberation I finally took the plunge and subscribed to Beauty Pie. Having seen lots of influencers on instagram over the past year talk about this brand I realised I had to give it a go.

Sometimes I can be a tad sceptical about what I see on Instagram, as we all know now bloggers get paid a decent amount to promote these goods these days and do you really believe they use them? However with people like Anna @annalerihart and Caroline @carolinebarnesmakeup who have been using BP products over time, without it being sponsored or gifted, I thought it was time to try.

So what is Beauty Pie?

The brainchild of industry expert Marcia Kilgore it was set up to give customers quality high end products at lower prices by cutting out the middle man as they say.

By going to the Beauty Pie website and picking out your membership you can buy these products at low prices. Membership starts as little as £5 pcm giving you a £50 spend on products, £10 pcm – £100 spend, £20 pcm – £200 spend and a one off fee of £99 gives you £100 spend per month but exclusives from Beauty Pie before anyone else.

The Scheme

You get the same luxury quality cosmetics and high performance skincare, without paying for the middlemen, the celebrity marketing or retailer costs.

Having read lots about Beauty Pie there seems to be a lot of confusion with how this scheme works. I have listed below the pricing for you to see on what products I’m currently using and also linked them through to the Beauty Pie website.

So for example my subscription is £10 pcm for £100 worth of BP products. If I buy one month the Super Retinol Serum, that will be £80 spent of my £100 monthly allowance. The serum will cost me to buy £8.99, as you can see a huge saving from buying from branded products. You pay monthly membership + discounted products + postage.

Sometimes I find I want to spend more than my £100 allowance so you can upgrade and add to it which is really useful some months.

I have only mentioned skincare on this article but as you will see from Beauty Pie’s website they do Make-Up, Skincare, Bodycare and Haircare and Fragrance. Apparently their candles are amazing and these are also on my ever growing list! The products are also 100% cruelty free which is another important factor as to why I use them.

The Products

Now I love marketing, I love branding that was my day job pre Rufus, so I wasn’t sure about this. However the whole company ethos was so refreshing and it’s just what is needed to shake up the old beauty industry. Am I really bothered about Keira Knightly promoting Chanel and paying for the pleasure when I buy their products…NO! As a 40 something new mama who is tired and needs all the help I can get, these low cost QUALITY products are ticking all the boxes.

I have listed below the products I use and their description from the Beauty Pie website. I am no beauty expert I am just giving you my opinion on what I feel has worked for me and how you too could save money. Also please note that this isn’t sponsored, there are no affiliated links and I haven’t been gifted these items. These are all products I have started to use and love and wanted to share that with you.

For more info on the scheme read this

My New Skincare Routine

Over the past few months I have wanted to look at the make-up and skin care I use, giving myself a bit of a beauty overhaul. My usual routine since Rufus was born, was make-up off via Nivea eye make-up remover and cleanser and then bed. Too tired to think about anything else I really have let my beauty routine slip over the past 20 months. In my 20’s I’d be using the top beauty products from YSL, Dior, Chanel, and now in my 40’s when I really need them, not so much! So with a vast array of products to choose from I started with the products below and month to month will be adding to them.

Superlight. Perfectly effective. Delicately technical. And really cool to use.
Japanese skincare was ‘all grown up’ already by the time Korea started grabbing the limelight. This beautiful antioxidant-infused high-tech gel-to-oil-to-milk cleansing balm demonstrates that mastery. Massage it on every night to tracelessly remove makeup, oils, and pollution. For radiant, perfectly balanced skin, it’s a supreme clean.
Typical Price £25 / BP Member £5.81

So far I am really liking this cleanser. It’s lovely to use and is effective in taking off my make-up and making my skin feel clean with no residue. However, I still use eye make-up remover so bear this in mind when choosing a cleanser if you want one to do the whole job!

Like a weekend in the mountains (plus vitamin C infusion) for your face.
Yes, stable VITAMIN C is a powerhouse skincare ingredient, but when you simultaneously turn up your OXYGEN, add a microbiome-activated brightener and pink grapefruit and avocado oils, the result is so amazing it’s almost an adventure. The fab new moisturiser for ‘totally fresh face’.
Typical Price £50 / BP Member £10.07

A lovely and light moisturiser on my skin with a nice faint scent, nothing overpowering. I use this purely in the morning. This would probably be a good alternative for people with skin too sensitive for the high content serums and concentrates. Going to try the other vitamin C products in this range.

Ever want to hit ‘REFRESH’ on your face?
This superstar Swiss overnight formula has everything anti-aging in it _encapsulated retinol (resurfacing), ficucell vita (antioxidant), shea butter (nourishing) , vitamins E and C (elasticity+), ferulic and hyaluronic acid (plumping, hydrating), it’s super-smoothing, fine-line and wrinkle tackling, brightening, and we think this is possibly THE best retinol night moisturizer ever.
Typical Price £75 / BP Member £8.92

New to retinol but having hit my 40’s then having a baby this is definitely needed! Here is a link to Beauty Pie for more info about retinol and why you should use it. I’ve been using this night moisturiser and also the serum daily and have noticed that my skin looks smoother, brighter and feels firmer. Alway being sleep deprived these days your skin takes a knock but overall it’s looking really good, it has to be doing something! 

Looking for one serum to solve all your (skin’s) problems?
Perfectly balanced to both revive and replenish, this ultra-gentle encapsulated retinol serum is infused with lactic and hyaluronic acids, and a concentrated, barrier-repairing ceramide blend to help protect, brighten, hydrate, smooth fine lines and soothe your skin.
Typical Price £80 / BP Member £8.99

I use this serum day and night. A lovely smooth serum that soaks into your skin making it feel soft and non greasy. No break outs or irritation from using this. Subtle changes to my skin so far, I’m really looking forward to seeing what it’s like over the next few weeks. I am waiting for the eye cream to come into stock I have high hopes for that too.

Can you remember envying somebody’s flawless, faultless, fabulous face?
Well, a couple of drops of this every day, and you might be in awe of your own. The best thing for keeping breakouts at bay, skin looking bright, pores-refined and tight, our Plantastic Micropeeling Super Drops are an easy, everyday addition to your skincare routine. Use once or twice a week for maintenance, or daily if you’re battling breakouts. With fruit-acids, micro-purifying biosurfactants, natural brighteners. It’s a 24/7 glow-giving one-serum wonder.
Typical Price £50 / BP Member £7.62

I love love love this bottle of magic! I had been getting some horrible breakouts before using this and they have disappeared almost albeit a few little bumps. Now I don’t want to mislead. I have been trying to drink more water and eat better as I had been having a few summer splurges with food & drink, but I really do think this has helped my skin and its breakouts because I haven’t had any since. No issues using this so far.

Somewhere in a dimly-lit room, a facialist is hunched over a woman’s T-zone, cleaning out one painful clogged pore at a time.
While you, in your own bathroom with our 5-minute peel formula, and on your own can undergo an equally deep clean sweep. The best do-it-yourself facial peel we’ve ever found. With dead-cell sloughing glycolic acids, powerful pomegranate enzymes, gentle quartz and bamboo scrub grains, purifying salicylic acid and anti-free-radical stem cells from raspberries, this triple-tasking leave-on peeling mask is a marvel. Use weekly (at least) for a perennially fresh complexion.
Typical Price £60 / BP Member £8.98

When I read 5 minute facial I was in! Give me a quick beauty regime for this tired mama. Having had some break outs and my forehead covered in little pimples I so needed something to help clear my skin. I think it’s a multitude of sins from my end, sleep deprivation, not drinking enough water, exercising with make-up on so whatever I was going to use had its work cut out. I use this twice a week now and really love it. My skin over the first couple of weeks got worse before it got better but since has been so clear and has kept new spots at bay. I really recommend this product. No redness after using just a little tingling when the product is on your face, which makes me think it’s working its magic!

It’s not everybody that needs this amazing Swiss formula slow-release retinol hand cream treatment.
But when no amount of moisturising rolls them back to how you remember them, or if that ‘little bit’ too much sun is starting to spill the beans (you’ll see it as sun spots) buy a few tubes, apply it every evening, and watch them refresh.
Typical Price £40 / BP Member £6.30

What can I say the past 20 months my hands have been in bad shape. Constant washing from changing nappies, cleaning up sick my hands have become so dry. This for me has been a game changer compared to all the others brands. My hands are looking better, they feel more supple and cuticles in better shape than they have in months. I don’t have have age spots but I’ve read that this hand cream can help with that too. I have 7 hand creams in my bed side table but this is the only one I use now. Fabulous.

Unfortunately I do not have a before picture to show you as the one I had I am wearing foundation, and I want to show you my face make-up free. But as I said I had lots of pimples covering my forehead and some real breakouts on the rest of my face. You know those big spots that take an age to go away! This is a picture of me this morning having had broken sleep (yet again, always tired) and I’ve just washed my face with the Japanfusion Cleanser. I have a few little bumps but these are going over time with the help of using the daily skincare routine and the Fruitixyme Five Minute Facial exfoliator twice a week. Now I just need to get my hands on that Retinol eye cream for those wrinkles!

I hope you have found this article interesting especially if your looking to try this beauty membership scheme. I still use other products in my daily routine such a Laura Mercier Infushion De Rose and Pixi Glow Tonic which I love. I’ll be trying lots of other products so I’ll keep you posted and if you have tried any I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Fiona x


4 responses to “My New Beauty Pie Skincare Routine”

  1. Avatar Liz Collingridge says:

    Really interesting article I am going to give Beauty Pie a whirl.I do not really have a skin routine at the moment and have fallen into a lazy habits which is taking its toll on my skin. Thanks for sharing.

    • Avatar littlemissiwant says:

      It’s easily done when you’re busy. You’ll be really impressed with their products they are fabulous. Let me know how you get on. Thanks for reading x

  2. Avatar Nik O says:

    Really got me thinking and very tempted… my beauty routine is rubbish.. dreaded wipes in the morning, expensive moisturiser and the very occasional eye gel 😬…I do have very sensitive skin and slight rosacea so should only really use oil free but when a get five minutes I will certainly have a good old gander at Beauty Pie. Great blog 👍xxx

    • Avatar littlemissiwant says:

      It’s so easily done falling into that trap of whisking off make-up quickly and not really paying any attention to your routine. I would highly recommend emailing Beauty Pie and explaining your skin and what they think would work best for you. I have to admit it’s become second nature now my new skincare routine and I love the products I’m using and seeing a difference even with my tired old face! Thanks for reading and let me know how you get on. Fiona x

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