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Summer Weddings…Oh What To Wear

As soon as that invite hits the floor you start panicking about what to wear for the next few months until it’s the day of the wedding. Anyone would think it was your special day! Do you go high street and then run the risk of seeing a few more guests possible sporting the same dress as you. What do you do? I recently had…

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Trench The Transitional Classic

Well it was nice whilst it lasted! I’m sitting here listening to the rain beating down on the window pane and its a far cry form last weeks glorious heatwave where the windows were wide open. So I am retreating back into my wardrobe and digging out the knitwear and coats. The trusty trench coat will be making an appearance again it looks like. Did…

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A Smocks Tale

Now the smock dress isn’t for everyone but this fashion trend is an instagram favourite and it’s here to stay. If like me you have eaten your own body weight in chocolate over the Easter bank holiday weekend, then you will agree that this is the way to go. Originally worn by countryside peasants, the smock style went on to become a popular style for…

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The Path to Fitness

Exercise and Me Well I’m not sure about you but exercise doesn’t come easily to me. Fitness is something I love I really do (she says whole heartedly). But I do need a rocket up my backside to go and do it. Once I get there and do it, I love it. Furthermore when I get into it that’s it I am 100% committed. A…

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