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Beautifully Beaded Bags

The Sunday Scroll this week features an array of beaded bags for you this Spring. A trend that was seen so heavily on the catwalk during AW18. These vintage inspired it bags are here to stay for SS19. Now I have to confess I haven’t purchased one yet. This mainly being down to not ever getting the chance to ever use one these days. However…

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This week on the Sunday Scroll we are looking at Mother’s Day gifts. A day to treat those wonderful women in our lives, a day of treats for all those step mama’s, fur mama’s, grandmama’s and mama’s out there. Maybe choose a gift or a day out but most importantly a day to spend some quality time together. Unfortunately this year I am away so…

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Two Pierce or Not to Pierce

Today’s Sunday Scroll is all about earrings. All due to my impromptu multiple piercing in my left ear yesterday. But this is what happens when I am left to my own devices shopping sans child! I have been wanting to get another piercing for a while now so have been toying with the idea of possibly one or a few more. Yesterday as I had…

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Hair Today Gone Tomorrow…

Hair accessories are everywhere like them or loathe them. This ultra feminine look isn’t just for little girls, it’s for us older women too. We have seen the slow trickle of this trend come through over the past year with the likes of… The Scrunchie The retro hair scrunchie. Most commonly worn around the wrist of most teenage girls in school in the 1980’s. Obviously…

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